SimpleDetails V4LITE

SimpleDetails V4LITE

Are you hating v4s arms?????
Are you trying to show off your amazing creations in a promo and see that v4s arms are just making your renders look crap??

Well heres a simple but extremely usefull fix for her arms.

You will never have to worry bout your renders looking bad ever again.


  • Down,Front,Back INJs L&R
  • Down,Front,Back REMs L&R

Tested in PoserPro7,Poser8 and DazStudio 3 Advanced

Please note due to the extreme change in these morphs some of Victorias morphs wont work so well with this fix morph.

The front and back fix morphs were only made for when you bend V4s arms forward and back when her arms are DOWN.If you use a pose that bends V4s arm forward or back without it being in the down position i suggest that you turn them off cause they will cause distortions in the mesh.

Owners of the original fix morphs:this will not overwrite the old files so you can keep both new and old files if you prefer the old ones.

SimpleDetails V4LITE