Snuggle Up Resource

Snuggle Up Resource

Snuggle up is a set of coordinating shaders to create your own winter looks.

There are 12 sets of designs included. Each set includes a main design, matching colours or accent designs all done with matching knit patterns, bump & normals.

You may use the included textures as a resource – please read the guidelines below.

As a bonus the textures are also included in a vertical layout to make it easier to coordinate shaders.

**Merchant Resource Information**

• You may NOT use these to create another merchant resource
• You may NOT use these for free packages/releases/gift promotions
• You MAY use the included shader setups if you prefer
• You may NOT distribute these files in their raw format nor include them in a package in their default state – they must be placed within a template.

☆ Package Includes ☆

》51 Knit Textures (includes bonus of vertical options for a total of 102)
》Coordinating Bump & Normal Maps

》102 Shaders
》10 Tiling Size Options
》09 Options to adjust Bump or Normal Maps

Shaders are Optimized for IRay