Spartan Armor for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

Spartan Armor for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

This outfit comes with 14 pieces, 11 armor ones, and three more with the weapons (sword, spear and shield).

Comes with 2 Materials, one is inspired by the Historic Spartans, and the other, is like dark side.

This Spartan Armor, it’s an Hoplite armor. The spear was called “Dory”, and they used two types of sword, the usually used “Xiphos” sword, and the “Kopis” sword. This “Kopis” sword, was used only by some spartans, and it’s the one used on this outfit. The shield is called “Aspis”.

Then we have the rest of the other 11 pieces, with the helmet which comes with three One-Click morphs, front point and back longer or shorter, and the Athena morph which places the helmet on this well known position. Aside from the One-Click morphs, you can move front or back zones of the helmet with the normal separated morphs for front and back.

The shield (“Aspis”), has all the real details, the inside with its the wooden inner part full covered with leather, the forearm holder, the rope circle with its anchor points and a knot with its tip on each anchor (this tips can be moved clock or counter clockwise with morphs for more realism). This rope was used on the front part as the holder for the hand.

The outside part, was made of bronze, and the border was often used as a weapon, due to the sharp edge, and the total weight of the shield.

Both weapon have iron blades, and the rear pike of the spear, is made of bronze, because it was just to hold lines, dispose of enemies on the ground and to kill lizards, yes, hence its original Greek name for this part “Sauroter” or “Lizard killer”. The spear was so well balanced, that even it wasn’t a javelin, it could be used as one.

The outfit comes with H.poses for all weapons, but the spear has two more, one to reflect that javelin option, the other one, an attack from above.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer