Standard Apartment by 3-D-C

“Home sweet home”

I got a little tired of all this “hip” and “stylish” apartments and newish stuff. So i thought about having a very simple but standard apartment build, about 1000sqft (90 sqm), usually, what people life in. And in conjunction to the other street stuff i am working on, it seamed very clear: This is a must do!

So i set down for a while and modeled all this here. A complete set with all you need to start over. The wall sets are completly boned. Every single wall can be disabled singular. Props such as like the curtains and pictures are all grouped to the walls. No Single loading. The kitchen, and other stuff, are also boned figures: You can open every single cabinet or the oven or or or …

To add additional value, the floors and walls are all UV mapped in a way, you can simple swap or apply different floor styles or wallpapers. We added single materials to the set, so simply select the piece of the floor or wall you would like to change and load a different style.

The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.?You waited long enough. Move into your own walls, now!?A new Extension Set is avaliable!
Remark for D/S Users: The set works in DAZ Studio 2.3 up, however, the loadable material sets that come with this set are designed for Poser. In D/S you must apply the textures by hand in case you want to change the styles.