Steam Colt 2

Steam Colt 2

Steam Colt or better Steam Revolver is fictional weapon of late XIX century of steampunk era. It has been produced by John Hartwig´s Steamworks Company for almost thirty years. Among many variants these two – Standard Issue and Rifle Issue was the most popular. Steam Revolver uses power of pressurized steam to propell big bullet for a long distances. It has much stronger power and penetrability than classic chemical guns. It also can holds more and much bigger bullets in cylinder (8) and in additional magazine (3 for standard and 6 for rifle) which fills chambers emptied after the shot with fresh new bullet. The magazine uses construction of the gun when the bullet is loaded from the front, while the rear part of the chamber is used for gathering pressurized steam. Steam was produced by boiling water in brass boiler cylinder placed just behind ammo cylinder. From here the steam was led through pipeworks into steam engine bellow the barrel which rotates the cylinder and built the pressure in chambers. After pressing the trigger it opens the vent from the chambers and propell the bullet. The shot from the gun was accompanied by big clouds of realeased steam for which Hartwig invented special condenser near the muzzle of the barrel which also served as silencer. The most luxury edition of the gun – mostly rifle issues – was equipped with large assortment of various gadgets. Aside from special condenser there was comfortable attachable rifle stock equipped with bottle for water reserve, spare barrel, receptacle for spare gas canisters and so on. The most expensive piece of accessory was the attachable telescope with special night vision light amplifier and interchangeable objective lenses. The biggest disadvantage of steam revolver was longer preparation before shooting, the most important pluses – longer gun range, stronger punch, more bullets ready for fire, cleaner operation and use of noble power of steam easily overcame the only downside of the gun.

This is remake of my orginal model from year 2010. As a thanks to my customers who purchase original model it is free upgrade for them.

What is new in v. 2.0:

Model has not complete uv maps
Two sets of 2kx2k textures – light steel and black steel
standard and long barrels and magazines are now integral parts of poser figure, changable via erc dial
wooden forend is now part of figure hideable via erc dial
water filing cap is now movable
Rifle Telescope is made as poser figure with interchangable lens disk
Longer Rifle Barrel is added as smart prop

Gun has now eaiser setup for either right and left hand of Michael 4 and Victoria 4: poses mopve the gun into character´s hands in zeroed position
M4 and V4 hand poses are made as pz2 instead of buggy hd2

New Victoria 4 rifle pose
New M4 and V4 poses for guns in both hands
New M4 and V4 poses for left hand support for the gun in right hand

Geometry optimalizations