StoneWare, Organic 1.0: RoundStone

StoneWare, Organic 1.0: RoundStone
RoundStone is a parented prop and *Pro Pack ready *. Yes, this prop can be used again and again. RoundStone offers 195 morphs: 109 object morphs and 86 rock morphs. Combine morphs to create an almost endless series of new props, which could range from goblets, tables, wells, and thrones, to pebbles, or a stony Hobbit’s house, and rocky, alien landscapes. In the Pose folder are 20 MAT poses for easily changing stone textures, adding even more flexibility. Included is a bonus prop called Stone Well, which shows the power of RoundStone as it was created by combining just 2 props: RoundStone and SquareStone. Now you can build in minutes, what professionals take days to create, directly in Poser itself. Yes the only limit to RoundStone is your imagination!
StoneWare, Organic 1.0: RoundStone

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