Studio Light PRO HDRI Iray Wow Lights

Brutal light at your finger-tips…! Light any character with amazing HDRI Iray soft light with a unique 8-in-1 punch paired with a “movable” backlight, without using a single light!
No more adding spotlights or point-lights to your scenes for that extra WOW factor.
Choose among 96 professionally designed HDRI Iray maps with 3 backgrounds, 1 super soft and intense (8-in-1) light and a “movable” backlight baked into the maps with 12 positions!
The new amazing Studio Light PRO HDRI Iray Wow Lights will WOW any render you throw them at, with full rotation, intensity, color and contrast adjustments with massive and easy to use 158 control icons.
Can be used as is with the supplied black, dark grey or bright grey backgrounds, or in any indoor scene with big windows or ceiling removed. Can also be used outdoors.
Designed by bestselling Daz 3D Published Artist Val Cameron from Dreamlight.