Summer Of Surf BUNDLE G3 G8

Summer of Surf Bundle

For Genesis 3 Female
For Genesis 8 Female

Swimsuit and Surfboard

22 Textures Swimsuit
25 Textures Surfboard

15 Poses Preset for GF3 and GF8
15 Poses Preset for Summer of Surf/Surfboard

Not necessary loading surfboard up first, this one is automatically loaded !

Background, floor ( IRAY HDRi environments set ) on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

SOS Surfboard.duf

SOS Swimsuit Outfit GF3.duf
SOS Swimsuit Bottom GF3.duf
SOS Swimsuit Top GF3.duf

SOS Swimsuit Outfit GF8.duf
SOS Swimsuit Top GF8.duf
SOS Swimsuit Bottom GF8.duf

Props :

SOS Surfboard

SOS Swimsuit Top GF8
SOS Swimsuit Bottom GF8
SOS Swimsuit Bottom GF3
SOS Swimsuit Top GF3


Included in this bundle:

Summer Of Surf For GF3 and GF8

Summer Of Surf Textures DS

Summer Of Surf Poses DS



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