SV Luminosity Lighting Set 03

SV Luminosity Lighting Set 03

SV Luminosity Lighting Set 03

– This is mainly a set of HDR Images as the main source of lighting for your Daz Studio Renders

– 20 HDR Images (with included settings for rotation/intensity, see below)
– 06 Spot Lights (2 Key Lights, 2 Fill Lights, 2 Back Lights (left/right))
– 30 Colorful Rim Lights

– The included lights are meant as complimentary to the HDR Images, the HDR Images are the main lighting source for this set
– You can add as many additional lights as you like, tips for ease of use are included in the library
– The Lights can be used on their own or with other HDR Images

– 12 HDRI/Dome Rotation Settings + Reset (or you can rotate manually)
– 08 HDRI Intensity Settings + Reset

– HeadLamp OFF Setting
– 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
– 05 Iray Bloom Settings
– 03 Render Settings (Fast, Medium, Slow)
– 02 Ground Settings (ON/OFF)
– 02 Lighting Blur Settings (ON/OFF)
– 03 Highlight Settings
– 03 Vignetting Settings

…PLUS a reset button for your render settings so you can start all over!
…mix and match with ALL other light sets from my shop!
…EASY and fun to use!
…Tips are included inside the Library for ease of use!