SVs Backdrop Props

SVs Backdrop Props

“SV’s Backdrop Props”

– A fun set of props with lots of uses, mix & match, great for background fillers or scenes!
– OBJ Files are included for importing into other 3D Programs

– Floor Plane
– Hanging Birdcage
– Birdcage Ivy
– Birdcage Wide Votive Candle
– Hanging Star Lantern
– Wide Votive Candle
– Round Votive Candle
– Glass Ball
– Curtain

– Load All 01 Scene Subset (loads one of each prop, default locations)
– Load All 02 Scene Subset (loads a full scene of multiple props)

– 05 Materials for the Floor
– 06 Materials for the Birdcage
– 02 Materials for the Birdcage Ivy
– 08 Materials for the Votive Candles
– 24 Materials for the Star Lantern (12 in each design)
– 10 Materials for the Curtain
– 01 +Lace Option for the Curtain
– 01 +Gradient Option for the Curtain
– 01 +Plain Option for the Curtain

– Complete Mix & Match set

– Curtain is ANY color simply by changing the Base Color/Glossy/Metallic Flakes
– Votive Candle Glass is ANY color by changing the Base Color/Glossy Color
– Floor Plane is ANY color by using the white tile and changing the Base Color
– Glass Ball comes in clear only, and can be easily changed with ANY glass or other shader

– All props load together OR separate, use just one or use them all, two wide votive candles are included, one that fits inside the bird cage and one that loads on the floor with the round votive candle

– Star Lantern comes with two different designs in 12 colors each

– To use the floor without the soft edges, remove the transparency map