SVs Iray Easy Metals

SVs Iray Easy Metals

“Iray Easy Metals”

– This set lets you create your own custom metals in just a few clicks!
– Inside this easy to use product you will find over 40 textures (2D, merchant resource too!)
– Included is also 75+ Iray Metal Shaders!

– 16 Base Metals (includes various golds, rose golds, chrome, silver, etc.)
– 28 Metal Finishes including a reset button
– 20 Metal Textures including a reset button
– 10 Tiling Utility Options
– 05 Bump Map Options

– 44 Textures/Normal Maps (inside the Runtime folder)

– This set is 100% an artist AND merchant resource
– You MAY use this set to texture items for sale
– Please see read me for additional information