SV’s Sci-Fantasy Iray Lights


SV’s Sci-Fantasy Iray Lights

– This set uses and includes 03 HDR Images to create 12 different HDRI render settings/rotations

– 24 Lights
– 03 Bonus Lights (2 sets of 5 colorful lights, 1 set of colorless)

– 27 Lights Total

– Utility Settings for Dome On/Off, Ground Shadows On/Off, Headlamp Off, Lighting Blur On/Off
– HDR Images come in 6 settings, Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Very High, Ultra High

– Adding one light set to the scene over another will replace the first set. There is no need to delete lights unless you wish to do so.
– Changing light tints is easily done from the light parameters
– Each light set loads in the same position, with the same names in scene tab, front/left/right lights, so you can move them where you need to easily