SW Cottage Porch

SW Cottage Porch

SW Cottage Porch is a simple, cozy little cottage with an inviting porch and pretty yard.

Featuring a slightly rustic and “worn” look, this environment has all the charm of a tiny country home. The grass in the yard is lush, but can be hidden or deleted, showing a “textured” lawn instead, for lower memory usage. Flowering bushes and two tall oak trees complete the fenced-in yard, along with a stony path leading to the porch steps.

Props included are: birdhouse on a chain, wind chimes, a wooden chair, a mailbox (opens and closes), a wooden porch swing, a watering can, and curtains for the windows.

The front door and all 6 windows open separately, and a simple interior of walls, ceiling and floor are included. The full scene preload comes complete with lights for the porch and interior, as well as a sky backdrop (PSD file so you can adjust saturation or brightness, etc. as needed)

Three different “azalea” bush props can be instanced for more vegetation. All 3 flower color material presets can be applied to any of the bushes, so there is a lot of variety.

The SW Cottage Porch is ready your scene needs, whether for holidays, camping, gardening, playing with a dog, picnics, or horror or story genres!