Swampbeast for Genesis 8 Male

Swampbeast for Genesis 8 Male

Who knows what life grows in the depths of the hidden swamps…

The Swampbeast is neither man not plant, but something in between. Whether he is a natural mutation or a lab experiment gone awry, no one really knows. Some even speculate that the mysterious swamp lights are, in fact, his spacecraft and he is an alien scouting our world as a new home for his species.

The Swampbeast for Genesis 8 Male comes with Green and Brown texture variations on a detailed High Definition morph.

dForce Hair provides lifelike Dreadlock Vines growing from his head, and a Geoshell with leaves, flowers, or sticks brings a tremendous range of looks for this new character.

Bring your swamp, forest, horror or fantasy scene to life with Swampbeast for Genesis 8 Male.