SY Ultra Templates Genesis 8 Female(s)

With so many great clones, Genesis 8 Female can wear a lot of clothes from previous generations by default, going all the way back to Genesis. But many of those clothes have bones that are lost on autofit, making them much harder to use! What to do? Now you can quickly and easily ensure posability using these easy templates! When you use AutoFit, just select one of the Ultra Templates from the drop-down. Now your dresses, coats, capes, and loincloths have lots of extra bones you can pose from the Scene Tab, making them in some cases even more flexible than they were originally!

Make your clothing library better than ever with Ultra Templates!
What’s Included and Features

SY Ultra Templates Genesis 8 Female
SY Ultra Template User Guide Script (.DSA)
Templates for Auto-Fit and Transfer Utility:
SYUT Cape Template
SYUT Long Coat Template
SYUT Big Dress Template
SYUT Sarong Dress L Template
SYUT Sarong Dress R Template
SYUT Short Dress Template
SYUT Tight Dress Template
SYUT Loincloth Dress Template
Dress Templates Include:
Breast Bridger Basic
Breast Bridger Large
Long Coat Template Includes:
Detailed user Guide (.PDF)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer