Tattered and Torn: Hooded Cloak

This texture set and system for DAZ 3D’s Hooded Cloaks offer a variety of colors and fabrics so you can create a variety of cloaks — from a tattered leather cover to the look of Little Red Riding Hood.
What’s Included and Features

5 Complete Texture sets
Layered Leather and Cloth
Layered Leather
Old Leather
Old Leather 2
Tattered cloth
Mix and match with partial Material presets
2 Base Materials
5 Transparency Options
10 Tints
2 Clasp choices
28 Texture Maps
10 Diffusion Maps (1024×1024)
8 Bump Maps (1024×1024)
10 Transparency Maps (1024×1024)
Utility poses (PZ2)
Turn Off Clasp
Turn Off Cloak Handles
Turn On Cloak Handles
Transparency MAT poses work with your other cloak texture sets

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V3 Hooded Cloak
M3 Hooded
Aiko 3 Hooded
Preschooler Hooded
V4 Hooded