Tell A Story With Your Renders – Tutorial

Wanna go beyond “great” 3D art and captivate your audience with images that tell a story?

In this extraordinary video tutorial, you’ll be guided step by step into the depths of psychology, lights, camera, poses, details and how it all connects in a video tutorial you don’t want to miss.

Go way beyond beauty shots and “ordinary” lights, and take your renders to the next level!

With bestselling Daz 3D published artist, Val Cameron from Dreamlight.
What’s Included and Features

Tell A Story With Your Renders – Tutorial:
Learn how to tell a story with your renders and captivate your audience like never before
Learn how to add details that reveal the story
Discover how to pose your characters for maximum impact
Learn how various outfits play a major role in telling a story
How to pose characters, and what to avoid to not “ruin” the mood
A way of lighting WAY beyond ordinary “beauty” shots, with deep psychological impact
Learn how lighting can totally ruin the entire story in one second
How to fake shadows from a window
How to use the camera to enhance the story elements
A super important camera trick that truly helps to tell the story and enhance emotions
How to apply quick & easy postwork
How to remove Daz Studio Iray rendering noise in Photoshop in 4 seconds
Conducted in Daz Studio Iray and Photoshop, applicable to any 3D / 2D software

BONUS: A super cool lighting trick that adds a little beauty to your render, without killing the mood of the story
Total running time: 2h 41 min