Tenebroso Lighting

Tenebroso Lighting

Tenebroso Lighting

Tenebrism, (Tenebroso) meaning dark, gloomy, mysterious in Italian, is a style of painting using dramatic chiaroscuro, where there are extreme contrasts of light and dark, and where darkness becomes a predominant feature of the image. The technique was developed to add drama to an image and is also occasionally called dramatic illumination. The artist Caravaggio is generally credited with the invention of the style during the Baroque period. Now available for the 3D world, you can render like the masters painted.

This light set includes 35 presets that cast soft, subtle patterns of colorful light, where the prop itself is invisible and does not render. Additionally, for contrast, 35 other presets cast sharp vibrant patterns of color, where the prop renders as a large crystal. The entire 70 presets offer many options for a wide variety of genres and lighting situations, whether the lights are rendered in the scene or are just outside of camera view. There are nine overlay utilities that mask the light, restricting it to different shapes and allowing the light to be directional. The midnight render setting is an easy way to darken your scene.

There are material settings for all the lights so you can easily switch presets from the light(s) you first loaded.

Check out the forum commercial thread for product discussions. The Readme has a few additional tips.

A bloom render setting was used in some promos to produce a fog effect.

Scale the lights on X,Y, Z to fit a room, landscape, or portrait.

Scale the lights on one axis (Y for example) and change the shape of the light pattern emitted.

Tenebroso Lighting


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