The All New Worldbase XT Lushlands


This is the base pack for the incredible WorldBase-XT System by Magix-101 available in native format for Poser and DAZ Studio.

It is designed so it features the highest level of detail where the cameras are placed by default in both apps, and everything is sized for true perspective.

It can house any 3rd party multiple pieces of architecture and even several large cities built for Poser or DAZ Studio with no trouble at all.

In other words you can build scenes in it that would have previously been very difficult to arrange in a proper world scene.

With WorldBase-XT any cities, towns, sci fi buildings or any other type of prop or setting will easily be placed in a very realistic world environment.

The feature list of WorldBase-XT is too large to list here, but some of the main ones are:- 80 plus central morphs with extended control over, the ground detail patches, the hills inner and outer shapes, multiple mist functions incl mist to sky, many types of 2d trans-mapped trees with extensive positioning control,shape of sky areas and much more.

It is also very easily upgradable with extra childed props that add on to the main WorldBase body. The concept is unlimited really and critical parts of the environment such as the skies and close ground areas are even more realistic and detailed than many specialized world building apps, and there are add-on Paks such as DesertLands and Snowlands, plus new architecture such as The-Mill, FernLea Add on Pak that are built to compliment the WorldBase-XT.