The Beautiful Lau – character pak

The Beautiful Lau - character pak
‘Die Historie von der Sch?nen Lau’ (‘The History of the Beautiful Lau’) by the german poet Eduard M?rik is an enchanting tale about a nymph living in a spring near the city of Blaubeuren near Ulm.
This mineral spring, called the ‘Blautopf’ (literally translates to ‘blue pot’) is a beautiful natural monument with a colour of such a deep blue and turqoise that it would certainly attract a water spirit to live within its depths.?From M?rike’s descriptions the Lau has the appearance of a beautiful fair skinned woman with blue eyes?and black hair, known to the locals of Blaubeuren as ‘sch?ne Lau’ (beautiful Lau) and sometimes as’arge Lau’ (malevolent Lau) who will endanger mill, nearby cloister and inhabitants by flooding the
spring in her anger.
The locals then would soothe the angered nature spirit by throwing precious gifts into the spring –
vessels, cups, bowls and little knives of gold and silver to mollify ‘their’ nymph…