The Magic Sense for V4

What you get for Victoria 4
The Corset (Conforming)
The Wings (parenting figure)
The Conforming Skirt
The Dynamic Skirt
The Fae Shoes (Conforming)
The Magic Wand for Right and Left hands (Conforming)
The Long Boots
The Stockings for Long Boots
The Stockings for the Fae Shoes
The Panty for making BodySuit ( conjuntion of Corset)
The Panty for using with the Skirts
The Gothic Jewels ( necklace, earrings and Rings)
The Gloves
61 Mat files
43 Extra Shaders: Silk, velvet and metallics
INJ and REM for V4: Custom Morphs for “Fae Waist” and “Fae Legs”
1 Sample Sitting Pose for Corset, Skirt and V4.
Textures, transparencies, reflection maps and Texture MAPs.

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