The Shipping Container House for DAZ Studio

Shipping Container houses are eco-friendly and can be used to build homes or offices in unlimited designs; whether stacked, side by side, end to end or placed diagonally… whatever design can be imagined, all on a budget. The Shipping Container House is a two-storied house and includes a luxury bathroom, kitchen, sitting room area with gas fireplace, a study area, spiral staircase and a glass enclosed bedroom with a deck. There is a full scene file and shader presets for seven different coloured containers from muted to more vivid. The scene file includes multiple props needed to fill out the home from chairs, desks, kitchen table, microwave, laptop, bed, DForce comforter, rugs, bedside tables, lamps, gas fireplace, etc. Some of the props have also been saved individually or as singles. See the ReadMe for a complete list. Lights have been included with emissive materials. Though it is often hard to light interiors most of the promo renders have used only HDRI and the included emissive light resulting in quick render times. Many of the doors open and close including the lower container’s back doors where a glass wall has been placed to separate the interior from the exterior when the doors are opened. Pre-placed cameras with settings have been included to help the artist. Nearly all of the textures were made in Substance Designer specifically for this model. If you are looking for an architectural prop that is out of the ordinary with many possibilities for great scenes, this may be the one!


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.