The Strongest Man – Expressions for Darius 8

Choose the best face for each situation and express what you want, “The Strongest Man” contains 40 Expressions for Darius 8 divided into categories: Pain, laughing, screaming, surprised and smiling.

Use one of the 40 One-click presents to load in a second an expression, or use the morph dials to choose from 0 to 100 the intensity of the expression, soft or strong is up to you, you can mix them too to create easily your own expression.

One-Click presents and morph dials can be used in Genesis 8 Male base even if Darius 8 isn’t loaded.

What’s Included and Features
The Strongest Man – Expressions for Darius 8: (.DUF)
Pose Presents:
01 Zero Expression
08 Laughing Expressions
08 Pain Expressions
08 Screaming Expressions
08 Surprised Expressions
08 Smiling Expressions
Expression Morph Dials:
08 Laughing Morph Dials
08 Pain Morph Dials
08 Screaming Morph Dials
08 Surprised Morph Dials
08 Smiling Morph Dials
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer