Tiffany G8F-V8

Rossana G8F-V8F

Tiffany is an highly realistic woman created for Genesis 8 Female and V8. Included are several options of make-ups and the possibility to have her genital zone in two versions:

– MAT for the add-on “Anatomy-G8F Genitalia” (genital textures for the Genitalia piece of G8F-V8 you need to get at Daz)
– MAT for those who don’t have the add-on “Anatomy-G8F Genitalia” (detailed genital textures painted on her skin without the need for extra add-ons)

Added also the custom fibermesh pubic hair attachment with several colors to match the pale freckled skin of Tiffany.

She was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders.