TINTation for Toon Baby

Walk through the cabbage patch and keep an eye out for the stork! Babies babies everywhere!! Bundles of joy to keep your other Toons busy as can be, while melting your heart into a puddle of pablum. Yes, you guessed it! TINTation for Toon Baby is here, waiting for you to discover all the new skin textures and other surprises.

Ten new tints for Toon Baby skin, each tint with three styles; natural, 2nd skin diaper, and 2nd skin t-shirt set. That’s 30 MAT poses right there! And of course, you also have the option to change eye color with one click, as well as the hair, brow, and lash colors. As an extra treat I have included a PSD file with the templates for the diaper and t-shirt so you can make your own second skins without worrying about seams.

This product requires:??3D Universe’s Toon Baby