Tiny House and Deck Entertainment Props

These entertainment props are designed with the Tiny House and Deck from Mirage in mind. Items will load directly into place both inside the house and on the deck.

However, all items can also be loaded into the viewport grounded and at zero on the X and Z axes, making them easy to use them in any setting you choose.

It’s time to party! So stock up and invite some friends.

What’s Included and Features

Tiny House and Deck Entertainment Props: (.DUF) •Adirondack Chair
•Bar Glass with Whiskey
•Beer Bottles (empty and full)
•Beer Glass (With/Without Bubbles)
•Beer Keg
•Beer Keg Coupler
•Beer Tap
•Beer Keg Cabinet
•Bloody Mary
•Shot Glass with Whiskey
•Whiskey Bottle
•Wine Bottles (2)
•Wine Glasses (Full and Empty)
•Cooler (Stocked with Ice and Beer)
•Wine Refrigerator (Empty and Stocked)
•Cook Top
•Wok (With Optional Snow Peas)
•Cutting Board
•Knives (Short and Long)
•Knife Set
•Steaks (1 Grilled, 2 Uncooked)
•Peppers (Red and Green)
•Light Bar
•Light String
•Candles (3)

Textures Include: •108 Texture, Normal, Roughness, and Bump Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)


This product includes: •1 DSON Core Installer

Additional Products used in Promo Images: •DAZ Studio Iray HDR Outdoor Environments
•Iray SkyDome Super PAK