Toon Girl and Girlish Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Toon Girl is a playful cartoon child for the Genesis 8 Female base, loaded with personality and charm. With textures that breathe life in classic 3 point lighting setups, hdri or sun/sky only lighting conditions.

The Toon Girl morph is designed for exceptional scaling and blending, allowing the user to achieve a variety of ages simply by applying the morph in incremental amounts. Further possibilities open up when the morph is mixed with other shapes and the Genesis 8 Female Evolution morphs package.

The Toon Girl comes complete with her dforce sweatshirt, conforming leggings, conforming camp shorts, conforming shoes, dforce blanket cape and smart prop glasses. The sweatshirt has length and fit morphs to help it go from tunic length to a shorter fit that looks better with the camp shorts. Many texture options are also included, from cute kitty and pink princess looks to combinations that are more evocative of superheroics.

The set includes thin and thick conforming brows, as well as brow mat options, and eye color presets to allow you to customize and make the girl your own.
What’s Included and Features

Toon Girl and Girlish Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Toon Girl Shape
Thin Toon Girl Brows
Toon Girl Sneakers
Toon Girl Leggings
Toon Girl Sweatshirt
Toon Girl Camp Shorts
Smart prop Toon Girl Glasses
Toon Girl Blanket Cape
Material Options:
Green, Blue, Teal and Brown Eye Options
Blackish, Blondish, Brownish, and Reddish Brow Color Options
Black and White for Sneakers
Pink and White for Sneakers
Red with Pale Yellow Detail and Blue Soles for Sneakers
Blue with Pale Yellow Detail and Red Soles for Sneakers
White Kitty Heads on Black Leggings
Blue and Pale Yellow Leggings
Red and Pale Yellow Leggings
Off-White Stars and Blue Leggings
Yellow Bolts on Red Leggings
White Crowns on Pink Leggings
Black and White Kitty on Grey Sweatshirt
Crisp Orange Camp Sweatshirt
Wrinkled Orange Camp Sweatshit
Pink Princess Sweatshirt
Red and Pale Yellow Sweatshirt
Black with White Trim Camp Shorts
Orange with White Trim Camp Shorts
Pink with White Trim Camp Shorts
White with Pink Trim Camp Shorts
Brown with White Trim Camp Shorts
Tortoise Shell Glasses
Pink and White Glasses
Black and White Glasses
Yellow Stars on Blue with Yellow Fleece Cape
Red and Black Check with White Fleece Cape
Textures Include:
108 Texture Diffuse, Height, Normal, Metalic and Glossy Roughness Maps (4086 x4086)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer