Toon Santa Crib

Toon Santa Crib
Santa’s Crib is one model with 6 modules or unique staging areas with which to render scenes.

These modules are:

1. exterior house-deck-sleigh port-hot tub
2. interior large observation tower
3. interior small tower
4. bedroom-den-restroom
5. living room
6. kitchen-dining room area

All exterior and interior walls are individually textured with high res maps. All doors in the house open and close with the exception of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Santa’s Crib includes: bookcase with books, a ladder in Santa’s room, all interior pictures on the walls, and all interior and exterior textures and trim. The furnishings and furniture items such as the exterior snowy ground cover with trees and other various interior objects shown in the display images, were designed to accessorize the crib, and were used for our renders only. These items ARE NOT included with the Santa’s Crib but can be purchased in various sets grouped by room. All items in any given set load from the cr2 file as they appear in the display images, but this is merely as a convenience to those who have Santa’s Crib. Any item within any set can be placed wherever the user chooses, since each is a separate sub-object within each set.
Toon Santa Crib

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