Transatlantic Clipper (for Poser)

Product Features:
On the body tab there are dials to control:
* Prop Rotation (link to all four propellers, will also control the blurred propellers)
* Rudder (controls the two tail rudders)
* Back Flaps (controls the flaps on the tail)
* Front Flaps (controls the flaps on the wings)
* Blade Blur (turns on the blurred props)
* Dials on the individual body parts to control the doors, but as the aircraft has no interior, these should only be used at certain angles.

The glass material uses settings for the Firefly engine with ray tracing turned on. When rendering without raytracing, you may have to replace the glass material.
The model uses diffuse, specular and bump maps, and is UV mapped and textured and scaled to Poser figures.