Ultimate Natural Bend Morphs for Victoria 7


Ultimate Natural for Victoria 7 is a set of JCMs and MCMs to make joint bendings of Victoria 7 appear more natural and appealing.

Thigh Bend Forward/Buttock Shape Definition: When thighs are bent forward, the buttocks express a more natural look . Due to multi-rotational JCMs, Victoria can bend her thigh forward and then move it outward to the side with minimum distortion at the thigh/pelvis joints and with natural thigh muscular definition. This makes her flexible enough to take more extreme poses like ballet splits while retaining beautiful and natural thighs.

Bent Knee Definitions : There are two stages of Bent Knee definitions per shin to acommodate the complexity of knee shape shifts when the shin is bent.

Elbow Bend Definition: Carpal bones are defined.

Neck Movement Defintion:The neck movement morphs are connected to Neck-Head Pose Controls: Neck-Head Up-Down,Neck-Head Side-Side,Neck-Head Twist. All 3 movements are sculpted to express the complex muscularity of the neck.

Scapula/Armpit Definition: The scapula movement morphs are connected to the collar bones. Front-Back, Bend Up-Down, Twist movements are sculpted to express shifting scapula shapes.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer




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