UltraScenery – Realistic Landscape System

UltraScenery – Realistic Landscape System

2020-12-30 updated to version 1.3.1
2020-07-15 updated to version 1.3

  • New water materials and settings tab
  • New ecology layers section on the build tab – users can now specify masks per layer
  • Slightly updated look’n’feel to the UI
  • Woodland 4 typo fix (previously uploaded as an update but not in store yet)
  • Instances are now grouped by layer instead of all being dumped together

UltraScenery is an advanced solution for creating highly detailed landscapes in DAZ Studio. UltraScenery builds upon the instancing technology of DAZ Studio to place 1000s of trees, plants, stones, etc – giving lifelike foliage or ground cover density without the overhead of needing millions of polygons.

UltraScenery creates landscapes upon a terrain mesh measuring 64 x 64 meters – large enough to give a sense of space and scale but small enough to enable adding the required density of instanced vegetation to portray realism.

UltraScenery uses a simple 4 step process to create scenes that will be familiar to users of UltraTrees.

1. Create a heightmap for the terrain

2. Choose a landscape feature (road, stream, pond, etc)

3. Choose an Ecology (the plants and other elements)

4. Build the Scene.

Randomize the terrain and the ecology, turn on or off different vegetation layers or adjust the water settings to create a landscape that is uniquely yours. UltraScenery – Realistic Landscape System helps you build your very own world!

What’s Included and Features
UltraScenery – Realistic Landscape System (.DSE)
1 UltraSceneCreator Script
22 Plants Props
14 Scenery Elements Props
1 UltraScenery User Guide (.pdf)
Textures Include:
65 Texture Maps (100 x 100 to 2024 x 2048)
Exclusively Optimized for Iray