Underworld: Hell Corridor Construction Set

Underworld: Hell Corridor Construction Set

Explore the realms
of the underworld!
Down in the Abyss. the endless torture, endless pain…
… down there lies your wisdom and your path will lead you
down to the gloomy realms of

This is a versatile set of a corridor and room construction set of a scary labyrinth. The lowest level of every adventure. It comes as parts of a corridor, that you can combine to long hallways or even large rooms. Additional props and items make this a quick and easy to use one. Setup your scenes in minutes and render high quality pictures.

if you have ever wondered where it will lead your exploration party to in the end of the story; this is where to go.

The set comes with light setups, additional props, poses, hand poses, smartprops, well, all you can think of. I have build this set to take on additional freebies later on, and, the textures are build to reflect other places in the future. So you can use this as an alienspace or whatsover.
Grab you basic piece of hell…. Now!

Out of the box this Set contains:


– Straight Part (boned into floor, walls, holders and ceiling)
– Curve Part (boned into floor, walls, holders and ceiling)
– X-Part Crossing (boned into floor, walls, holders and ceiling)
– T-Part (boned into floor, walls, holders and ceiling)
– Door Part (Boned doors and ceiling)
– Mid Monster Muscle, with injected body dials (work P7 upward)
– Basic Tentacle (15 bones, with injected master dials, work P7 up)
– 10 basic poses for your adventures with this set, more to come as freebies
– 2 handposes to grab the torch
– The Maw (With Morphs to make it bigger, smaller, wider)
– Wall Torch
– Alternate floor for the X-Part
– Blood bath for the Alternate Floor
– Eye

– Two Ambient sets (Dark gloomy, Lighter)
– Smartpropped Light for the torches
– Light for the wall torch
– A smartprop magic torch for V4 and M4