Viking Shores Scene and Props

Viking Shores Scene and Props

Cold winds blow as oars cut the treacherous waters, and ancient spirits call their people back to the ocean with Viking Shores Scene and Props…

Viking Shores is a highly detailed, ready to render package with a fully setup scene, 29 props with corresponding material settings, 10 cameras with 10 accompanying character placement poses putting your subject at the focal point of each shot. Featuring a layered, HD sculpted landmass with unique, and layers of varied high resolution blended PBR texturing for the utmost realism.

Also included are a stunning catalog of props including 2 Viking longboats, one for scene filling background ships and another, more detailed “hero” ship, oar, seat, background hut with doors and removable thatch roofing layer, centerpiece Viking Lodge building rigged with working doors and removable roof, shields with 4 alternate material/texture sets, layered thatch roofing, separately usable platform, fencing, 4 sets of stones, and last but not least, a 3 part configurable set of pier pieces (straight, end, and ramp) that can be put together in a huge number of ways.

Load the elements you need into any scene, or simply load the included scene, already configured with a full 3 dock pier, 3 fully equipped longboats, and an ocean shore populated with huts, fencing and stones, add in the character of your choice, choose a camera and apply the placement pose that goes with that camera to the figure and you’re ready to render!

Viking Shores Scene and Props is an absolute must-have for your Viking, historical, medieval, and adventure renders!