Violin Soul: Balcony, Violin And Poses for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Violin Soul: Balcony, Violin And Poses is a complete set that includes a Violin and Violin Bow, unparented versions of the Violin and Violin Bow, a full Balcony scene, 6 independent props for all the pieces of the scene (bench, long balustrade, short balustrade, floor, pillar with vase that can be hidden, and vase), 6 Violin Player poses, and 6 Scene Poses and 6 cameras that frame these poses.

Violin and Bow automatically load as smartprops posed for Genesis 3 Female. You can also use one of the 6 Violin Player poses or take them as a starting point to make your own scene, and also choose between 3 of the most typical woods for the violin and bow. The full Balcony scene loads a complete scene at once and you can use the 6 included poses and cameras to quickly make great renders. In addition, you can use the independent scene pieces to make any balustrade, balcony, garden or palace render, as they are prepared to be combined and build new scenes.

Iray materials are included to achieve the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders, in addition to the traditional 3Delight materials.

MATERIALS FEATURES: The Violin and the Bow have 3 finishes for their wood: dark wood, light wood, and reddish wood. The stone of the full scene can be changed using full hierarchical material presets included at once, to gray or brown stone, and there is also brown or gray stone material presets that can be applied independently to any of the 6 independent props.

POSING FEATURES: The Violin and the Bow automatically load posed, and there is also 6 violin player poses that you can use anywhere. You also get 6 go-to poses without the violin that take Genesis 3 Female to specific locations into the full scene of the Balcony and 6 cameras to frame them perfectly so you get instant beautiful scenes.