The VisualMenus script for Daz Studio brings together all your favorite Daz Studio commands, custom actions, content items, and scripts in highly customizable button-based menus that appear on your screen at the press of a key.

The following items can be assigned to a menu button:

Daz Studio built-in commands (over 700 to choose from)
Content Items (figures, hair, clothing, poses, expressions, etc.)
Inline Scripts
Custom Actions
Other Visual Menus
The following attributes can be customized on visual menus:

Button color
Button color when hovered over by cursor
Button border color
Button border color when hovered over by cursor
Button border thickness
Button corner roundness
Window opacity
Window scale (menus can be scaled up to 90% of screen size)
Window background color

VisualMenus: (.DSE)
VisualMenus Script
VisualMenus Manual Script
VisualMenus Help Videos Weblinks Script
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer