VYK_Layla Outfit


Layla Bodysuit is a super-conforming outfit for V4/A4/G4 that will transform any of your characters into that sexy sci-fi warrior you have always wanted.

Included in this set:
01 Bodysuit
03 MAT Poses for the Bodysuit

Please note: While this product does work in DAZ Studio and DS material settings are included, DS users, please be sure to read the “Usage Tips and Limitations” in the product ReadMe for special considerations.

Included Morphs:
A4 Aiko Body, Amazon, Areola Out, Areola Perk, Areola Size, Belly Thickness, Belly Thin, Body Builder, Breasts Cleavage, Breasts Cleavage Width, Breasts Diameter, Breasts Droop, Breasts Flatten, Breasts Hang Forward, Breasts Implant, Breasts Large, Breasts Natural, Breasts Perk, Breasts Size, Bulk, Definition, Emaciated, Fitness, Forearms Thickness, Genital Crease, Glute Flex L/R, Glute Raise L/R, Glutes Size, Heavy, Hips Crest, Hips Size, Lats Size, Love Handle L/R, Neck Thickness, Nipples, Nipples Big, Nipples Depth, Nipples Height, Pear Figure, A4 Petite, A4 Realistic, Stomach Depth, A4 Stylized, G4 Body, Thighs Thickness, Thighs Tone, Torso Thickness, Tummy Out, Voluptuous, Waist Width
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