Wasteland Weapons: The Guns


Wasteland Weapons is collection of home-made crude firearms of simple design and construction made in primitive workshops from various industrial materials or other weapon parts, using low technology procedures. Such weapons usually uses larger bores to maintain decent effectivity lost by precise production and complex construction. It still provides quite a punch or damage although are not as durable adn reliable in long term use.

What is included:

Poser ERC Figure:
Wasteland Shotgun (Zeroed and M4 Right Hand)

Poser Figure:
Wasteland Revolver (Zeroed and M4 Right and Left Hand)

Smart Props:
Wasteland Machine Pistol (Zeroed and M4 Right and Left Hand)
Machine Pistol Muzzle Flash (Zeroed, RH and LH)
Machine Pistol Magazine (Zeroed, RH and LH)
Machine Pistol Spent Cartridges (Zeroed, RH and LH)

Revolver Muzzle Flash
Shotgun Muzzle Flash
Shotgun Shells

Hand Poses:
for Revolver, Machine Pistol (RH and LH)
for Shotgun (RH)

M4 Poses:
Machine Pistol Shooter
Revolver Shooter
Shotgun Shooter 1 and 2