Wicked Fantasy Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Give your Genesis 3 Male(s) the fairytale edge with this fantastic 82 piece morph set. Divided into categories for ease of use, these morphs cover a range of different shapes, many include minus settings for even more interesting looks!

What’s Included and Features
Wicked Fantasy Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s) Presets: (.DUF)
Morphs Off
Brow Down
Brow Heavy
Cheekbones High
Cheeks Dimple
Cheeks In
Chin Dimple 1
Chin Dimple 2
Chin Gone
Chin Pointy 1
Chin Pointy 2
Chin Pointy 3
Chin Pointy 4
Earlobe Long
Ears Bat
Ears Elf 1
Ears Elf 2
Ears Elf 3
Ears Elf 4
Ears Elf 5
Ears Gone
Ears Hole Large
Ears Hole
Ears Long
Ears Out
Ears Small
Ears Smooth
Eye Bags
Eye Inner Corner Down
Eyelashes Top Long
Eyes Large
Eyes Slant Down
Eyes Slant Up
Eyes Small
Face 1
Fangs Top
Forehead Gone
Forehead Large
Head Large 1
Head Large 2
Head Shape 1
Head Shape 2
Head Shape 3
Jaw Gone
Jaw Large
Lip Bottom Large
Lip Bottom Shape 1
Lip Shape 1
Lip Shape 2
Lip Shape 3
Lip Top Large
Lip Top Shape 1
Lips Gone
Mouth Large
Neck Thin
Nose Flat
Nose Gone
Nose Hag 1
Nose Hag 2
Nose Hag 3
Nose Hole Large
Nose Hole Medium
Nose Hole Shaped
Nose Hole Small
Nose Lump
Nose Ridges
Nose Shape 1
Nose Shape 2
Nose Shape 3
Nose Thin
Nose Tip Down
Nose Tip Up
Nose Wide
Nostrils Gone
Nostrils High
Nostrils Small
Teeth Gone Bottom
Teeth Gone Top
Temples In
Tooth Gone Bottom
Tooth Gone Top
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer