Wildflowers Buttercups and Celandine

Wildflowers Buttercups and Celandine

You have daises, you have dandelions, but you’re missing Buttercups (and Celandine)! Not anymore with Wildflowers Buttercups and Celandine.

This great bundle of twenty plant props gives you the ability to scatter both of these species of yellow jewel like flowers throughout your lawns, grass, meadows and wild settings, or if you want, dot them through paving or as a decorative element in almost any scene where there is a patch of earth for them to grow!

As always, this little bundle can be turned in to an almost infinite supply of different flowers by using the same instance with different y rotation values and slight differences in scale!

You can make the perfect lawn weedy, or cover the floor of a spring wood with deep green foliage and yellow jewels of celandines, the buttercups are perfect for running through longer grass too!

Add some perfection to your (im)perfect lawns and borders with this great bundle of Wildflowers – Buttercups and Celandines!