Xmas Nights for Genesis 8 Males

Xmas Nights for Genesis 8 Males

Spice up your holidays with this steamy Christmas themed outfit.

Comprising of a Xmas Hat and TWO dForce compatible Boxer shorts (one long, one a little more risque) This outfit comes with 08 textures for the hat 08 textures for the Shorts, with extra presets for the trim, to change fabric type to satin or cloth, and a preset to create fur trim.

Included in this Package:
08 Xmas Hat Options
08 Xmas Boxer Options
02 Extra Trim Options
02 Extra Waistband Options
01 Fur Displacement Preset
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Supported Shapes:

Darius 8
Edward 8
Floyd 8
Lee 8
Lucas 8
Michael 8
Ollie 8
Owen 8
The Brute 8
Toon Dwayne 8
Vladimir 8
Bodybuilder Details
Bodybuilder Size
Body Size
Body Tone
Fitness Details
Fitness Size

Extra morphs and Adjustment morphs included:
Many Adjustment morphs for different body shape adjustment.

Detailed list of morphs in readme.