Y’vas Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Y’vas Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

I am a fact-totem, a Jack of all trades, master of none perhaps, but I am damn well adaptable and can save my hide in all situations.

Some call me a mercenary, which I am not, I am a self-employed, resourceful adventurer. A freelancer, if you will.

And if you will I can make your adventuring much safer and rewarding!

Y’vas, Your Versatile Adventuring Suit, was created with customizability in mind. Not only you can mix and match the various pieces and their hide-options, you can customize it to your heart’s content with the props included.

Whatever the adventurer you want to gear up: Y’vas is there for you!

We included 7 different props: book, potion, pouch, vial, simple button, symbol and symbol + chain. All of them can be loaded in all the 24 slots Y’vas clothes feature.

Mix the props as you like to better characterize your adventuress. Is she a cleric loaded with healing and blessing vials and perhaps a couple of curse potions? Is she a Wizard bringing her portable tomes always with her together with a pair of potions and powerful symbols? Is she a Fighter who needs susteinance after running head-first into battle? Whatever her role, Y’vas can provide the right props for the best outcome.

Gorget, Sleeves, Belt and Boots all include props & slots where you can load any of the seven props included and gear your adventurer up just as you like.

Simply select the piece of clothing, go to the corresponding folder and the props will load in the proper place. We saved the props with random styles so that they do not load with the same style, you can always change the style to create a theme, just select the prop and click on the MAT you like

Rotate and scale items to fit your pose and idea:

– All props load with an & ideal rotation, however depending on the pose you may need to change that (especially on the belt, that is greatly influenced by the hip position of the character)

– This is especially true for the Symbol and the Symbol with chain since both are supposed to look dangling from whatever spot they are loaded on.

– Some larger props, like books or pouches, may need to be resized when loaded in adjacent slots, or you may just rotate them a bit to fix their overlapping.

– You can either resize/rotate the whole props (including the back plug) or just click on the very item (the book or pouch) to only resize and rotate/twist/bend it).

– When it comes to the Symbol and Chain, note that you can select any ring to create a natural and dynamic movement.

Check out the videos below that show the belt slots being loaded one by one, all the belt slots being loaded with the same prop, various belt configurations to fit any adventurer.

We used the belt as an example as it is the one with most slots and therefore options, but the same concept is true for all other clothing pieces featuring prop slots: gorget (x2), shirt sleeves (x2 right, x2 left), Boots (x3 right, x3 left).

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.