Z Changing Room Environment

Z Changing Room Environment

Z Changing Room is a High-Quality Environment for Iray where your characters can dress, undress and get ready!

Feel the fresh and modern atmosphere of the scene and enjoy fabulous and versatile render angles. This is an extremely high-quality scene, with a focus on the details, so your renders can look fantastic close up as well as far away.

It has been packaged in a way to make it very easy to use, so when you get ready to make your first render, it just works every time.

Each prop can be loaded individually as well as with the Fast Preload All, so you can make use of this set in many different scenarios, with your own environment if desired.

The Changing Room Doors have all been rigged to Open and Close, so you can set up your scene exactly how you want.

Lights and Cameras:

Lights are included – So you can start rendering instantly.
Camera presets have also been included for added usability and easy render angles with one click.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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