Zara – G8F

Zara – G8F

Zara is a highly realistic curvy lady with a detailed body & face shape and skin. Her morphs are handmade with zbrush. I used a combination of photos and hand painting for her face texture to achieve a unique look. She also comes with her own unique smile morph which was done with zbrush!

She is created for Genesis 8 Female. Included are several make-up options and eyelash options.

The body and face are custom morphed but still require Genesis 8 Body Morphs

Morph Options:

• Zara Head Apply & Rem
• Zara Body Apply & Rem
• Zara Apply All Morph & Rem
• Zara Nipple Apply & Rem
• Zara Navel Apply & Rem
• Zara Great Lashes Apply & Rem
• Zara Smile