ZWorld Containment Modules

Plagued by walking evil? Is your world overrun by the horrible dead? Lock those beasts and monsters safely away in these sturdy containment cages, then treat your new residents to solitary confinement or devious experimentation!

Includes two multipart containment cages, with opening doors and locks, and integrated emissive Iray light surfaces for the interior. Also includes additional props such as bars, a lamp, a digital keypad, cables, a padlock, a latch hook, and a basic containment room background.

This set contains only Iray material presets, but the material textures themselves are usable in 3Delight if you wish to manually configure them.

What’s Included and Features
ZWorld Containment Module Figures (.DUF)
ZWorld Containment Module – Industrial Grade
Door Opens & Closes
Security Bar Slides
ZWorld Containment Module – Economy Grade
Door Opens & Closes
Upper & Lower Latch Open & Close
ZWorld Containment Padlock
Shackle Raises, Opens & Closes
Props (.DUF)
ZWorld Containment !ALL Wearable Props Economy Cage
ZWorld Containment !ALL Wearable Props Industrial
ZWorld Containment Extra Bars ZERO
ZWorld Containment Heavy Cables ZERO
ZWorld Containment Hook Latch ZERO
ZWorld Containment Industrial Lamp on Clamp ZERO
ZWorld Containment Keypad ZERO
ZWorld Containment Room
Scene (.DUF)
Containment Modules Scene – A pre-built scene consisting of several modules lined up, ready for you to add your favourite monsters and characters.
Iray Material Options:
MAT Iray ZWorld !ALL Accessories
MAT Iray ZWorld Containment Industrial
MAT Iray ZWorld Containment Economy
MAT Iray ZWorld Lamp Light On Default
MAT Iray ZWorld Lamp Light Off
MAT Iray ZWorld Lamp Light On Bright
Textures Include:
25 Texture, Diffuse, Roughness, Metallic, Normal, and Height Maps (4096×4096)
8 Texture, Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, and Height Maps (2048×2048)
DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer