Celebrity Red Carpet

Celebrity Red Carpet

As the movie stars, fashion models, and music icons step out onto the red carpet, the flashes from the cameras and the cheers from the fans fill the scene with the glitz and glamour of celebrity. Celebrity Red Carpet is a complete exterior environment for Daz Studio.

Celebrity Red Carpet comes with a street scene, centered around the steps to the grand theater. The carpet sections that run the length of the road, the steps, and the pedestrian area can be removed if needed. The set comes with a variety of decorative props, including a backdrop for the stars to pose against with 'Star Pot' prop (2 texture options each), a movie poster (6 texture options), billboard ad (5 texture options and a dimensions morph), seating banner ad (3 texture options), and seating area with bench (bench has height morph) — see promo pictures for examples.

There is a pole with a static rope for normal use and also a rigged rope for special circumstances (3 poses for the rigged rope are included). There are a variety of carpet pieces in different shapes and sizes, so you can use them to expand this set or use with other sets. See promos for illustration. The carpet pieces have preloads with or without the poles and ropes.

The full set preload has 2 versions. One makes use of Daz Studio instances (so is lighter on resources in Studio), whereas the other does not (making it easier to customize individual parts).

Buy Celebrity Red Carpet today and render your digital stars in their element!

Celebrity Red Carpet

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