Code 66 Toolbox - Volume 2

Code 66 Toolbox - Volume 2

Code 66 Toolbox – Volume 2 will take your Daz Studio experience and workflow to new heights. Do tasks faster and easier than ever before.

First, we have the HMAT Saver and HMAT Restore scripts, which will make it so much easier when you just want to export your fully-textured figure to your favorite modeling software to make some quick adjustments but don't want to bring it to its knees with all those high-resolution textures. It will save the complete texture set as a hierarchical material preset (HMAT), and then replace those textures either with a color per object or a plain grey color. When you have done your edits, just click HMAT Restore and, like magic, the textures are back again. This also works well with ManFriday's MeshGrabber products as it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is what on a textured figure with multiple items, but it's much easier when each item has its own plain color. You can define the colors to use with Color Config.

Next we have Grid Spawn and Random Rotate, two tools that you use to quickly and easily add multiple objects to your scene using instancing, or actual node copies, and also allowing them to be randomly rotated. This can also be used to quickly create a larger ground from one square ground plane.

With Mesh Merger, you can merge multiple props and figures into one standalone prop that is stored in a content library of your choice. This is very useful to create new props to use with tools like UltraScenery, Alienator Pro, Dungeon Builder or Hedge Maker, to mention a few.

Last, but not least, Tile Master is a tool for easy adjustments of tiling and offsets on material zones on which you have applied shaders. Getting instant feedback when shifting the tiling dynamically for several material zones at the same time, like multiple walls or a shirt with pockets, is a real time saver.

Take the next step in empowering your Daz Studio experience and get your copy of the Code 66 Toolbox – Volume 2 today.

Code 66 Toolbox – Volume 2: (.dsa/.dse)
C66TB Tile Master
C66TB HMAT Restore
C66TB HMAT Saver
C66TB Random Rotate
C66TB Manual Vol 2.dsa
C66TB Actions Setup
C66TB Props Merger
C66TB Grid Spawn
C66TB Colour Config
PDF files:
C66TB Manual Vol 2.pdf

Code 66 Toolbox - Volume 2

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