Columbia is an extremely versitile character for Victoria 4 that comes with eleven make-up options, eight lip color options and eight eye color options. Both a hair and no-hair version of each make-up option is included. An ultra-realistic beauty, don’t let Columbia pass you by!

Columbia’s textures were designed with high-quality photo references and have been optimized for both Poser (Poser 6 or higher standard shaders and P9 SSS shaders) and DAZ Studio (using DS3 Advanced or higher HSS shaders), which is guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!

Included in this set:
1 Face INJ File
1 Face REM File
1 Body INJ File
1 Body REM File
1 Eye Fix File
1 Gens Off File
1 Nipples Off File
1 Default Mat File with Hair
1 Default Mat File without Hair
8 Eye Color Options
8 Lip Color Options (8 Lip Colors + 1 Default Color Option)
11 Make-Up Options for the no hair version (11 Make-ups + 1 Make-Up Off Option)
11 Make-Up Options for the hair version (11 Make-ups + 1 Make-Up Off Option)

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