Crew Of Antares V7 MedBay

Crew Of Antares V7 MedBay

The Antares is a newer release by DAZ Original/ petipet of a space fairing ship.
The model is quite well done and includes four interior models and a model of the Exterior of the ship.

These 33 Poses are specific to the ‘Psi MedBay’ interior model though some may be interchangeable.
Though the product is meant primarily for V7, DAZ Michael 7 is required for some Patient poses.

Please Note!
The preset Originals (3Delight and iRay) of the Psi Medbay have values of +300 in the Z axis.
if this value is set to zero there will be conflicts.

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Psi MedBay

Crew Of Antares V7 MedBay


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