CS Raptoid

CS Raptoid

The Raptoids were born in an abomination of the scientific and mystical arts. Often called “Lizardmen”, they are actually an unholy union of human and dinosaur DNA.

With the killer instincts of a Velociraptor and the cunningness of a human, this formidable species is as dangerous as they come. Often hired as mercenaries, these creatures are skilled fighters. They take payment in precious metals, jewels and females. All Raptoids are born male and must pair with females of other species to perpetuate their own kind.

Half man, half raptor, all business.

This ferocious warrior wears the hide of a once happy little dwarf, now a conforming breech cloth. The Raptoid Sword is forged of mystic dark steel and enchanted with rune powers. Its weathered gilded hilt is embossed with the sacred spiral of the Raptoids representing the tail of life. His battered Hide Shield is stitched together from the skins of the fallen. It is an excellent accompaniment to his slashing claws.

CS Raptoid is an original and highly detailed character for your Poser and DAZ Studio renders.

CS Raptoid


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