CV-1 for Poser and Daz


UPDATED 03/2014 – Improved UV’s, better, movement, added features…and now with a Euro version and now also with DAZ Studio files.

TCV-1 Automobile….
Fully Posable Doors, Wheels, Trunk and more..
Civilian Stock version
Also has…
Taxi Addons for different styles
Police Cruiser and Interceptor addons with complete Interior Add ons



Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.


  1. Joe, I remember doing one of my earlier renders with this in the scene and I can tell you it is a great product to have. That render scene I have, thought not anywher as good as the ones I do now, remains one of my favorites. Mayhaps I will re-create it and re-render it.

  2. I already have this but I can recommend it as a high-quality automotive model. Any Americans who’ve seen the “Police Interceptor” variant of the Crown Vic (which is still in service with many police forces around the country) will probably agree with me that this is a fine representation of this classic car.

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